Time is Wyrd
Episode airs Sunday, May 9 2021 7pm EST

The birds are singing, the kettle is on, & the gals are on the porch talking about all manner of things. They both agree that the Flat Earth Society folks have the right to believe whatever they want...even if it's wrong.  We find out Byron thinks Benedict Cumberbatch kind of looks like Big Bird & that Big Bird can be sort of...sexy. Then on to hair...yes, Byron still likes a man with alot of it.  We learn that her nickname as a baby was Rooster...then we find out how she got that nickname...
We finally hear one of the "Grandma songs". (Lyrics below)
There's a short progress report on the Revelator deck.  

Wondering How - by Dave Selby
Performed by The Current Residents Band


The Beatles - Rain

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

The Hobbit

I’m Wondering How
By Elsie Barnette 1945, 
Music by David Selby 2016
Performed by The Current Residents Band

So you fell in love again
And now we are only friends
You say that you’ll be happy now
But when I think of the past
Something tells me it won’t last
And if it does, I’ll still be wondering how

Wondering how I’m gonna face tomorrow
It seems there’s nothing to live for now
And as long years come and go
You’re the one I love you know
And I’ll get by but dear I’m wondering how

You are the only love I know
And I thought you loved me too
But one by one you’ve broken every vow
All the things you seemed to be
Fooled a dozen more than me
I could be wrong but dear I’m wondering how


Now I hope that fate is kind
And contentment you will find
May sorrow never cause your head to bow
But you know what people say
For every wrong we all must pay
I’m sure you will but dear I’m wondering how


If you still think that you are right
When you read this note tonight
I’ll never bother you again I’ll vow
But dear I’m so afraid
That you’re happiness will fade
Your bound to suffer and I’m wondering how



Stay Wyrd Yall...




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