They Just Get Wilder & Wilder - Party Line Edition
Episode Airs Sunday March 28th 7pm EST
Well, Byron is at the point of eating potato chips during the podcast. That's right, she's eating chips & she doesn't care! She's got her red white & blue card, had her first vaccine, & is raring to go now...
Alicia is dreaming of bio beds & toilets (what?). We learn that Byron has met many famous people, including Otto Preminger. The gals finish with a lively party line conversation with their fellow Wyrdlings-Sonya, Casimera, & Ilsa. Thanks gals!
Here's an article about sleep apps:
"You're Otto Preminger!"
"He felt like someone with gravitas" ~Byron Ballard
Party Line Participants:
Casimira Davie-Some call me Mama Juju cause I have been known to talk to spirits and Diety, and have done some work on occasion for those that needed it. Mostly I share my experiences and observations about wandering the misty places with those that want to hear them, often around a fire, with some rum and Dr Pepper and a pack of smokes, and during the year of our Lord Covid, on the interwebs. Grandmother Spider says to just keep spinning, and so I shall.
Ilsa Plaisance-is a wife, an animal mother, a witch, a Heathen, a Druid, and a former goat farmer. She was born and raised in beautiful Desoto Parish. Her family has been in Northwest Louisiana for more than 160 years, where she and her husband still reside.
Sonya Hamrick- is an author, social activist and co host of my pod cast, Rootworkers Round the Table, where we discuss community, magic and current events. My practice derives from both Pentecostal and Pagan roots. I currently live in Park City, Kentucky, with my husband, family and numerous animals.
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