Mushrooms and Onion Sets - The Gross Episode
Airs Sunday, January 31st 2021 ~ 7pm EST
The gals are in good form in this 1 hour episode They've come up with a new term--"intuitive" podcasting, Byron discovers Clabber Girl baking soda & Alicia is gaga for the upcoming mushroom season.
They both want to know about the rudest/most insulting thing someone ever said to their listeners & start it off by sharing their own stories..
Did you know-->"It smells like early spring, which starts Feb 1st. and it doesnt look like chicks and bunnies".
Trigger Warning-some gross things, a weird mention of squirrel genitalia & paddling in school is discussed.....but honestly....if you listen to us regularly you're probably used to it by now....
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