It Could Be A Lot Worse...
Episode Airs Sunday, Feb. 7 2021 7pm EST
The gals are hunkered down & waiting for spring, causing Byron to declaire--"I wish I knew somebody who loved me enough to bring me a truckload of manure" (Which naturally led to a discussion of music).
We hope you enjoy the following in this unofficial playlist for the episode & want to know--who covered "Hallelujah" better?
Bare Naked Ladies - One Week 
The Presidents of The United Stated of America - Peaches  
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah 
KD Lang - Hallelujah
Tom Waits - could not find a cover of hallelujah, (how funny) so here's "Hold On" instead (haha) 
Dirk Powell - Waterbound
Edwin McCain - Hallelujah 
Rufus WainWright - Hallelujah  
Keith Urban - Hallelujah
Britney Spears - Couldn't find anything that wasn't auto-tuned to pieces, so we're not posting anything
Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind 
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Stevie Nicks - Rhiannon
Josh Groban - Hallelujah
Luciano Pavorattie - Nessun Dorma 
Maria Callas - O Mio Babbino Caro 
Jim Nabors - Impossible Dream 
Flash Mob in the mall singing Nessum Dorma 
Flash Mob - Carmina Burana 
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