Eating Chickweed Like A....What?
Episode Airs Sunday, April 18 7pm EST

The gals are on a tear, declaring that it's better to run out than run off (you know,  R U N D -  O F T).   Don't worry, they're just spring feverish for this episode. Talk ranges from Charles Taylor to local real estate, to the groundhog.  Alicia wonders if anybody ever uses Selby's first name & reveals the origins of the nickname "Huggy Bear".

Question: what do Real Estate Developers, Groundhogs, & stupid people have in common?


Charles Taylor: Taylor was the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, on the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations.[citation needed]

Taylor served on the advisory board of the National Wilderness Institute, a "deceptively named" pro-timber group which worked to promote timber companies' private property rights and reduce environmental safeguards.*


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