Dandelion Greens & Pork Sushi
Episode Airs Sunday April 11, 2021 7pm EST

Spring has sprung & the gals are confessing all their sins...(sure, & if you believe that...).  

Ok.  They're confessing most of them.

Ok.  They're confessing a few of them.

Ok.  They're not really telling yall anything much, but it should make for an entertaining hour or so.  Here are their "confessions".

1. Byron will eat anything
2. Byron forgot to use self-rising flour 
3. Alicia eats biscuits, but doesn't make them
4. We all love a bandwagon
5. Byron is actually a city person (She said it!)

So there you have it.  Don't be too shocked.  

There was also more ladylike chat about death, developers, Eric Rudolph & how to really support a friend when they're angry*.

  *hint-offer to drive the getaway car

How to identify Elm Oysters:

Eric Rudolph
Why the Hunt for the Real Atlanta Bomber Took Nearly 7 Years

The Body Farm


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