Byron Needs Revival

Byron Needs Revival
Episode Airs Sunday March 21 2021 7pm EST

The gals are anticipating getting the vaccine & starting the WMG World tour.  
Byron is planting onions (of course, what else?)  & dreaming of Purple of 
Sicily Cauliflower.  Alicia wants us all stop breeding so much.  The latest 
groundhog is particularly obnoxious & Gomez calls him out. Byron is plotting 
squirrel murder (via slingshot).  All in all, a nice ladylike conversation--we 
hope you enjoy!

The IT Crowd

Absolutely Fabulous

Black Books

Burton Street Community Peace Garden

*Mother Grove Goddess Temple is once again asking for donations of shelf-
stable food or gift cards for groceries.  Donations can be dropped off at 
Asheville Raven & Crone - 555 Merriman Avenue  Thank yoU!






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